Frequently Asked Questions : Wedding Cakes

We want a Rosycake!  What's next?
The next step is to contact us to order a tasting box!  For $20 we will send you home with a box of six of our most popular flavors to taste in the comfort of your own home. This fee is applied to your wedding dessert order once you book with Rosycakes (with a $300 minimum order).  After you taste, please email us at with your favorite flavors and we can send you information on securing your date with a contract and deposit!  Then we can go over your guest count and design ideas to come up with a quote.  Feel free to ask us to help you! We are expert cake designers! Our online gallery will give you a good idea of our preferred design aesthetic.

How soon do we need to place our order?

Rosycakes is a small batch bakery and we are limited to just a few wedding cakes each weekend, so we highly recommend that you secure your date as soon as possible.  All that we require is a digitally singed contract and a $100 deposit which is non-refundable, but goes towards the final cost of your cake. You can place your deposit at

How and when do we need to pay?
Payment is due one month prior to your wedding date, and we prefer payment by cash or check.  

Do you deliver and set up?
Delivery is available for three tier cakes or larger and starts at $50. Delivery price is determined by mileage. We will set your cake on your cake stand or plate if it is left out for us to do so. Any a la carte petite desserts delivered with the cake will be boxed and ready for you to set out onto your dessert table. We do not offer delivery of two tier cutting cakes or smaller unless accompanied by a a dessert purchase over $300.  Single and two tier cakes can be picked up in the bakery. They will be chilled and boxed for you to transport on a flat surface (preferably in an SUV, van, or someone’s lap. The flat surface of a trunk of a car is ok if the cake is going a short distance and the weather is cool).

We will arrange a time for delivery according to the schedule we determine for the day. We require that the venue be open and a designated person be available to receive the cake.
How much does a Rosycake cost?
Starting prices for wedding cakes are $6/serving for naked and buttercream iced cakes and $7/serving for fondant covered cakes. The final price of a cake will be determined by complexity of design.  

Quarter sheet cakes serving 50 are available for $200 when purchased with a cake serving 75+.  
Prices are based upon servings sizes determined by the industry standard of a of 1" x 2" x 5" slice of cake.

Cupcakes are available starting at $36/dozen.

Can we choose more than one flavor?
Yes! Each tier may be a different flavor combination. Feel free to "Build Your Own" cake, or take a look at our "Popular Pairings" for some ideas on delicious combinations!  You can find our wedding flavor choices under the "Wedding Cakes" tab on our website.

What size of cake should I order?
Based on your projected guest count, we can help you can determine your cake size. Some examples of popular cake sizes are:
5/7/9 inch stack - 60 servings
6/8/10 inch stack - 74 servings

5/7/9/11 inch stack - 108 servings
6/8/10/12 inch stack - 130 servings