"From those who greet you at the door and answer the phone, to the cakes and pastries, cookies and sweet treats that await you, Rosycakes is THE bakery for quality and pure happiness in Vancouver.
The cinnamon roll connoisseur will appreciate the yeasty rolls that aren't over proofed, over kneaded, or over baked. I stopped buying cinnamon rolls anywhere because of the fact most bakeries couldn't get them right, and who wants a roll that HAS to be warmed up or loaded with butter to enjoy it? Not me!   These are delicious cold from the case. I also especially liked the huge sea salt chocolate chip cookies (just the right density and huge on flavor) and the sour cream lemon muffins that are  packed with sour cream flavor. 
Rosy uses mostly all Italian meringue to decorate her cups and cupcakes, so you'll experience a frosting that has less sugar to fat ratio than it's American counterpart (some say it's not sweet at all, rather has a whipped cream or fatty taste) but it pipes up beautifully and has a gorgeous sheen so you're cakes and cupcakes are stunning. A less sweet icing allows the flavor of the cake to come through, which I appreciate, and who wouldn't want to taste Rosy's delicious cakes?! 
If you are looking for a quote, I found Rosy to be the most expedient at inquiries received from her website and easy to talk to.                

Now all you have to do is walk in and order one of everything. 
Enjoy! (Nom nom nom)" --Kristi F. (Yelp)

"You will not meet a more down to Earth owner than the owners of Rosycakes. Our wedding planner recommended them to us. We schedule a tasting and they were cheerful, professional and accommodating. Their cake samples were delicious and it was hard to choose one for our wedding. Rosycakes also catered our dessert bar, which included a variety of delicious treats. When visiting Rosie at her bakery, she and her family are always very generous about giving us treats to take home. Hands down, they have the best cinnamon rolls ever! On our wedding day, Rosie beautifully decorated and displayed our wedding cake, groom's cake and dessert bar. All of our guests said this was the best cake and dessert bar they've ever had. We would highly recommend Rosycakes for special events, and even for stopping by to grab a sweet snack and a cup of coffee."  --Huong T. (Yelp)

"OMG!! Rosycakes made 3 cakes for our daughter's wedding and they were all amazing!  Many of our guests commented that these were the best tasting cakes they had ever eaten at a wedding. And beautiful! She worked with our florist to decorate them with fresh flowers and greenery, and they were perfect. Rosie is so easy to work with and the process for tasting was so much fun. I highly recommend using Rosycakes for your weddings and special events. We were so glad we did!"  --Kelly A. (Yelp)

"Oh Rosycakes, where to even begin? This beautiful bakery is family owned and operated and you feel every inch of the love and warmth from their store front to all of their baked goods. We have had the opportunity to use them on a few of our events and we are always so impressed with their attention to detail, quality of work, taste of desserts and just their sweet, friendly, smiling faces. Highly recommend for your daily sweets or to cater your event!"  --Kelsey T. (Yelp)

"On a recent trip to France, I enjoyed macarons (not to be confused with macarOOns). I have been on a quest to find these lovely cookies locally. I was sorely disappointed by a restaurant in Portland that claims to serve authentic French food. A good friend asked Rosycakes to whip up a batch to satisfy my new craving. Her macarons were every bit as wonderful, if not better than the authentic French version. They are not easy to make and she nailed it! The cookie texture had the perfect crunch on the outside, with a soft center. The fillings were incredibly flavorful without overwhelming the cookie. And they were beautiful to look at!"  --Deborah L. (Yelp)

"This place is amazing! I was driving by a couple weeks ago and decided to pop in and get a few sweets for my family. I settled on 4 cupcakes and promptly took them home. From the very first bite I was hooked. The cake is very moist and thecream cheese frosting is to die for! The funny thing is, is I generally don't even like cake or frosting. It's just that good. I haven't been able to stop thinking about them, so today I made another trip just for me. I have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful addiction."  --Dacia T.

"Rosycakes made our wedding cake and boy was it delicious. You know the saying "no one ever eats wedding cake"? Well, NOT true for us. The cake was so good it was gobbled up in no time. Working with Rosie was wonderful. They provided top notch service from beginning to end. Thank for everything!"  --Renee D. 

"Rosy made our wedding cake and it was the best cake I have ever had! I will dream about this cake for the rest of my life. We did a 3-tier cake with vanilla, pumpkin, and chocolate. It looked beautiful and tasted like it was right out of the oven. It was such a pleasure working with Rosy. She was very professional, very friendly, and her creations are beautiful and delicious! I highly recommend her!"  --Kate F.

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