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Delivery is available for cakes of three tiers or more. Two tier cakes or less can be picked up in the bakery the day before or the day of your event. Small cakes will be delivered with dessert buffet orders of $300+. Delivery fees are based on mileage roundtrip from our bakery. Delivery starts at $50.
Provide a THREE hour delivery window (if applicable)
Person Responsible to Receive Cake at Venue
Person Responsible to Receive Cake at Venue
Please provide the name of the person responsible to review the cake at the venue if you are paying for delivery
Would you like us to place fresh florals on your cake for $30 in shop? Flowers must be delivered to the bakery in water by 3pm the day before your event.
Please keep in mind that cakes need to be stored at room temp (around 70 degrees) until serving. Our cakes are made with real butter and therefore will melt in the heat:)
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